Hooniverse Truck Thursday – 1990 Mazda B2600 Snow Plow

Show Me Your War Face.

What does the plowing rounds in your town? I’ve already shown the little red Suzuki machine that handled the snow drifts a while ago, and here’s a bigger, greener, meaner companion to it.

It’s a 1990 Mazda B-series pickup, originally red, that’s received a two-tone black-on-green matte paintjob. It reminds me of a soldier in full equipment, ready for everything and his face smudged with camo paint.

I’m also reminded of Marty McFly’s Hilux, bought from Statler Toyota, that’s taken the Casualties of War route. There are a ton of aux lights, reinforcement steel bars, exhaust rerouting, everything.

This B-series is powered by the 121hp 2.6-litre G6 four, as noted by the B2600 badging. It’s interesting that it’s not the turbodiesel, since the majority of trucks here are oil-burners – but maybe the original owner has done his math about the viability, as one needs to outrun the yearly fuel tax by driving enough with cheaper fuel.

Under the truck are capable-looking, studded Hankook DynaPro tires on attractive-looking wheels. Traces of the original red paint can be seen just under the seams of the wheelarch flares and trim piece corners.

There’s even a winch mounted on the bed bar. But is it just me, or is the bed slightly tilted, indicating the frame is bent?

Does this Rambo-to-be Mazda look well-equipped to you, or would you only bring it to a snowball fight?


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