Hooniverse Truck Thursday – 1989 Dodge Ram Van B250

Ram rammeth on a Ram.

I first ran into this spectacularly brown box of a Dodge two months ago, and that’s where these detail shots come from. Yesterday, I chanced upon it again and managed to snap more photos of it. According to what info I could sherlock from the plate, it’s a 1989 model with the 3.9-litre/239cid V6 engine. I’m thinking it’s been in the country since new, and for that it looks good – not rusty at all and the paint is fine.

This shot, too, is a December photo as we didn’t have any snow at all then. It took a month until the snow arrived to stay, and two months later we’re experiencing continuous bitter cold.

Even the chrome looks good on this Dodge. I like the big, blocky grille too: it means business but isn’t too busy. Interior is a matching sand brown.

The LA V6 here produced 125hp and 264Nm. I remember somebody having the same engine in his Dodge Dakota and hating its guts as a result, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to start pinpointing any blame around here. Feel free to set me straight on that account.

I’m thinking the side window is exactly the same as can be found on a Starcraft or so.

Looks like there’s a divider in there somewhere, as the rear section of the van is frozen but otherwise it’s warmed up. Or then there’s a garage that’s just too short.

If you’re doing over eighty, the cops’ll come a-hatin’. Note the extra reflector, but the side marker’s painted over. Sense: this legislation makes none.

So, is this copper Ram a wham-bam-thank you ma’am van, or a sheep dressed as a lamb?

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