Hooniverse: The Calendar

Ok, before y’all get too excited, no, we do not have a Hooniverse calendar coming out, that I know of anyway.  Though that would be pretty friggin awesome… I mean I would totally buy like 3 and I know like 4 other people who would also buy some. but I digress…
During a recent alcohol-fueled SchMOARgasbord pow-wow on Facebook, it was determined that an event calendar would greatly benefit the masses.  I know of at least 3 prominent hoon-worthy events that I plan to attend this year which will also be fellow Hoon meet-n-greets.  In the coming days/weeks/maybe by this summer, I would like to put together an extensive calendar of events for those of you who want to get your butts off the couch and come participate.  I need your help though.  Send me your tips so I can add them to the “calendar.”  Races, car shows, auto expo’s, whatever, if you know of something let me know. 
Send your tips to masterschmo at gmail dot com or the tips link at the top of the page and I will try and keep the calendar up-to-date throughout the year.
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  1. SSurfer321 Avatar

    August 21st 2010. Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI
    That's really the only automotive event I plan on attending every year. Unless I feel like driving the 12 hours to Houghton, MI in October for the RallyAmerica.

  2. njhoon Avatar

    I'm thinking of doing Hershey and Good Guys east this year. I'm not sure of the dates.

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    I will submit pictures I find on the web to go on the calendar. Somewhat like that Pierelli calender I saw just recently…

    1. Jo_Schmo Avatar

      this can only end… awesomely!!

    2. iheartstiggie Avatar

      Eh hem – I'll expect at least a "few" to appease me. 😉

      1. muthalovin Avatar

        For sure. I was thinking that instead of random chicks, it would be hoons and their rides with some awesome hats and not much else.

        1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

          This is going to end in tears.

          1. engineerd Avatar

            Of joy or pain?

          2. iheartstiggie Avatar

            Good question – for ALL of us. 😉

  4. Jo_Schmo Avatar

    FYI my plans this year (hopefully) will include the Easter Jeep Safari, the Idaho Rally (link when they actually get their site up) and Speedweek at Bonneville.

  5. dmdukejr Avatar

    I will be at the Cleveland International Auto Show and at least one of the Canfield Swap Meets.

  6. lilwillie Avatar

    Get your sorry asses up to Road America….for anything.

  7. scroggzilla Avatar

    Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in July
    Alfa Century Concorso (AROC national concorso) in Frederick MD in June

  8. iheartstiggie Avatar

    I'll be attending the Porsche Event at Hershey, PA on April 24th, the Capital Offense LeMons June 19th and 20th, and many assorted Fridays at the Track in Numidia, PA, hopefully so we can get these VWs out and drag their cheater slick off!

  9. Tim Avatar

    My go-to when I lived in Seattle were the SOVREN Historics over the July 4th weekend. Now, I'm stuck in Richmond, VA. Any tips as to what's around for a car guy in the Mid-Atlantic region?

    1. rennsport964 Avatar

      The SOVREN Vintage Races at Pacific Raceways over the 4th is still my go-to. My neighbor (as it turns out) is one of the main organizers. Maybe I'll get to Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historics. And I'm thinking seriously about going to the Canadian Grand Prix this year.

  10. Z71 Avatar

    Well the only auto race that I'm definitely going to is the Grand-Am "Sahlen's Six Hours" at Watkin's Glen on June 4 and 5, because my cousin works for Brumos and can get me pit passes. Besides that not much- possibly the NY Auto Show in April 2nd-11th.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      After attending the Rolex24 Hours of Daytona this weekend (for the 21st time, I sure would like to meet your cousin and hook up for a pit pass or two. BTW, it may be elsewhere, but a Brumos prepared Porsche won that race in its first year as a race team!!

      1. Z71 Avatar

        Yeah, she was actually working with the Action Express team yesterday and she was in some of the winner's circle pics too. But, I don't yet know how many pit passes she will have, but I'm definitely gonna be there anyway to try and see that new Porsche racing V8 in action.

  11. RSDeuce Avatar

    I want to get out to VIR at least once this year. There are NASA autocross events and much other fun to be had of course.
    I will probably be at the Richmond Dragway at least once this summer with the BMW group.
    The Tidewater BMWCCA chapter does a couple of member drives during the warmer months. I want to get at least one of those in.
    And although I will miss the first events of the season, the Tidewater Sports Car Club (tidewatersportscarclub.com) does an Autocross every month. I cannot wait, because I will be at every one of them I am in the country for.
    If specific events are what you want, I will do my best to try and email before one. I don't know how many folks in the Hampton Roads, VA area we have here.
    If something cool shows up in DC, I am totally down as well.

  12. Deartháir Avatar

    Goddammit, we need some major events in Canada that I can convince people to travel to. I'm afraid to spend any time in your country. If I cut my finger, it'll bankrupt me to get it fixed.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      Well, there's your problem. Here in Soviet Amerika, we can go to the store and buy BandAids. We don't have to fill out forms in triplicate to request a BandAid from our government…yet.

      1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar


    2. Alff Avatar

      Worse yet, our doctors will be taken aback by your blue blood that you may bleed to death before they recover from the shock.

    3. PowerTryp Avatar

      Come to Calgary for the World of Wheels show, February 12th -14th. I may even buy you a beer.

    4. iheartstiggie Avatar

      The beauty of American healthcare is that they don't need to do a retinal scan to determine who you are at the door. If you cut your finger I'll lend you my medical card. The registrars don't get paid enough to care if you're male or female so it's win/win!

    5. tenbeers Avatar

      Dude, there are a metric fuckton of kickass rallies in Canuckistan. Tall Pines would be a good Hoonevent.

      1. Alff Avatar

        "Metric Fuckton" Wasn't he the Leftenant Governor of Saskatchewan?

    6. citroen67 Avatar

      Actually, if I'm not mistaken, I think that there are insurance policies that you as a Canadian can purchase that would cover a stay in another country. I have heard of people that live in Canada that visit Detroit every year, and they purchase said policy to potentially cover any medical mishaps that might happen while in the States. At last resort though, you can be confident that your fellow Hoons would bondo you back together again if necessary. Can you say whiskey sedation and zip-tie stitches? 🙂

      1. FЯeeMan Avatar

        JB Weld

  13. engineerd Avatar

    I'll probably go to the Dream Cruise. Hopefully there can be a Hoon-gathering there. Although, it can be difficult to find people unless we pick a specific spot.
    I'm also going to try to hit up a few local car shows, too. Off the top of my head are the Orphan Car Show in Ypsi area (Mike the Dog knows more than I do about this), see if I can find the mysterious Cars and Coffee Detroit/Birmingham, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Also, hopefully once my wife has been freed from the clutches of tax season we can do a couple SCCA road rallies.

  14. skitter Avatar

    I am guaranteed to be at Petit Le Mans, September 29-October 2.

  15. Novaload Avatar

    Getting organized is the first step in taking over the world.

    1. muthalovin Avatar

      This is how the beginning ends, isn't it?

    2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      <img src=http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3274/2797712788_d067f85cf8_o.jpg> approves

  16. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    If I had to post everything Texas had to offer, your calender would have nothing left for the rest of the US

    1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

      I will start covering Nifty 50ees for you guys if you'd like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/95001020@N00/

    2. muthalovin Avatar

      Where is Nifty 50ees? I am in Austin, and the only car show that I have been to lately was a Mustang event.

      1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

        Houston TX, more info here http://niftee50ees.com/

  17. BigRed Avatar

    Well, if you happen to have anything going on later in the year in Afghanistan, or earlier in the year in southern CA (as long as it's on the weekend) I might be able to go…otherwise I'm kinda screwed.
    You should, however, have a Hooniverse calendar.

    1. Alff Avatar

      I hear there's likely to be a HiLux rally in Afghanistan, but it's not a family event.

  18. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    Thanks for all the tips fellow Hoons. I should have a rudimentary “calendar of events” up by the end of the week. Keep the tips coming. With any luck Hooniverse will be the “goto” place to get the inside scoop.

  19. Jo_Schmo Avatar

    Thanks for all the tips fellow Hoons! With any luck I will have a rudimentary "calendar of events" up by the end of the week. Keep the tips coming!!

  20. Tomsk Avatar

    Surely you can pick out a couple (hundred) SoCal events here:

  21. superbadd75 Avatar

    Southwest swap meet in Arlington, TX. 2010 dates are not available yet, but It's been pretty cool every time I've been to it. Other North Texas events of note (that I swear I'll try to keep an open eye for dates on) are the Good Guys show at the TX Motor Speedway, the Big Bug Shootout at TX Motorplex in Ennis, TX, and any Friday night during the summer at TX Raceway in Kennedale. Texas is an awesome place for hoons, you boys should make it down here some time.

    1. muthalovin Avatar

      How about Central Tejas? I plan on heading up to Dallas for Cars and Coffee in March, but aside from that, I am both too lazy to scour the interwebs, and unwilling to motor across this vast state. I should probably get over that.

  22. superbadd75 Avatar

    Okay, I've never heard of a CnC in Dallas, do tell!
    As for Central TX, I'm not really too familiar with happenings down that way, but if I hear of anything I'll definitely let you know. They used to have some pretty sweet drag boat races on the Brazos river in Waco, but I haven't been down that way in a few years, not sure if they still do that there. Most of what I know of up here (I'm in Fort Worth) is through friends, or seeing stuff when passing by.

  23. citroen67 Avatar

    I would have to say that any Hoon should have on their calendar schedule…a visit to the Micro Car Meet, the Orphan Car Show, the Citroen Rendezvous…and while you are traveling, you might as well schedule a visit to the Lane Motor Museum(lots of weird car love at that place).

  24. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Man, that salt spray pattern looks really familiar.
    I've been able to write on the side of my car for a month now. Should really give 'er a bath… but now I can claim it's Bonneville-style decoration, like dried mud on Jeeps!

  25. FЯeeMan Avatar

    Just to throw a practical note in here (how boring)…
    Google Calendar? Might work and allow everyone to add events so the Schmo doesn't have to do all the maintenance hisself.