Hooniverse Rolex24 Weekend Edition: In The Media Parking Compound

The Rolex24 has entered its third hour and this olelongrooffan is sitting track side under a Corvette logoed pop up canopy enjoying the stereo surround sound of the roar of the race cars less than 50 feet away combined with the commentary on SPEEDTV and the visual of the cars passing through the west horseshoe along with the television provided replays. And the scent of burnt race fuel and a deep fried prime rib complement this experience. What is a Hoon to do in a situation like this? Why a post on the vehicles in the media parking compound is in order. Obviously, the first image is of a generic Ford Fiesta rental car while the above 2002 is still an extremely desirable choice of transportation to this olelongrooffan. This supersizes Audi contained volumes of photographic equipment used to capture the action here in the World Center of Racing. (A6?) My host for this event has, in addition to a 66 Cobra continuation car, a Boxster daily driver and a 68 Vette, a version of the yellow Vette above, however his is a red Z06. On the back of the media parking pass Bradley graciously allowed me to use to get my Comanche into the infield, it states that motorhomes using the media parking pass would be subject to an additional fee. Wonder if that applies to the Buster above also? But the most inprobable vehicle in that lot has to be the roadster in the above image. This one would feel more comfortable at the Turkey Run, I would suspect.

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