Hooniverse Military Monday: The Flat Fender Edition

Holy Flat Fender BatHoon. I have spent the day gathering an image of a
non beige Camry for the Question of the Day, replacing the driver’s side seat belt buckle in my 183,879 mile possessing Comanche (wonder how many times that AMC button has been pushed?), gathering background for a mini Italian week over at Curbside Classic and posting some MOPAR 300 images for Ate Up With Motor. As a result, I haven’t checked in here in the Hooniverse. I just did and notice Mr. Emslie has the Hooniverse on his shoulders and just wanted to drop in a quickie…hey get your mind out of the gutter…about the flat fenders I saw out at the, still mind boggling, show this olelongrooffan attended over the weekend.

Now I know I have shared with my fellow Hoons that my little brother, who is bigger than I am, is a certifyablely crazy Jeep hoon. Hell, I call him thejeepjunkie and he doesn’t even care.

Yeah, that is Barry Megiar doing a ride along with one of thejeepjunkie’s flat fender friends the day of that show.

So, when he arrived at this 1,000 vehicle plus car show the first question he asked was “Where are the Jeeps?” I mentioned I heard they were down there aways and off he went like an old coon dog with a fresh scent.
Now this olelongrooffan has to share with my fellow Hoons that while I appreciate an old Jeep as much as the next Hoon, after having driven my primitive olestationbus for some time and Hooned thejeepjunkie’s CJ2A a few times as well as a middle age Kaiser Willys CJ5, the first vehicle I checked out, after that rare CJ3B above was this

Mercedes CJ wanna be.

Plaid seats aside, there is something to be said for doors with windows and

a Mercedes gated shifter automatic transmission, air conditioning and a power port, although I am sure it really a cigarette lighter on the dash. Gasp!! It even has seat belts. But this olelongrooffan would need to win the Lotto (currently $35 million) to afford any repairs to it!!

And back to the military flat fenders. I especially like the stencilling on the rear of Willys out front reminding those behind, mostly in Britian or Asia that this is a left hand drive vehicle with no signals! And see the handle on the left rear of the one behind? One of the specifications in the design guidelines supplied by the Army back in the day was that four men could carry it and handles were on each corner to facilitate that action.

I am going to speculate this one is owned by a highly decorated Vet! Thank you sir.

And let’s carry a few gardening tools along for the ride, shall we?

The cool thing about these old MB38s is the Owner’s Manual is on the dash!

The woman behind the wheel of this one actually drove it during the exit parade this olelongrooffan was lucky enough to view just a short time after these images were taken.

That Command Car is just damn cool. Not much around these days that can compare to a four seater four wheel drive convertible capable of going just about anywhere. IMHO.

However, the driver must enter through the passenger door as the location of the spare blocks his entry. But cool, nonetheless.

And, as I mentioned earlier, I was able to witness, and gain a grainy video, the parade of these former greats as they left the show. I’ll pop it over to flickr tomorrow.
But I will say this about that. While the owner of the latter 6 or 7 vehicles is old enough to be a WWII vet, the drivers of them are younger than this olelongrooffan and based on the liveliness of that bunch, these vehicles are going to be around for a long time.
Justifiably so.
ps my fellow Hoons…there is a typo just before the last image but I sure as hell cannot find it in HTML mode so Just Deal With It.

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  1. Maxichamp Avatar
  2. CptSevere Avatar

    Great stuff, Longroofian, I wish I were there to drool all over this fine machinery. I crave a flat fender Willys, bigtime. Hey, that command car is a Dodge WC. Very rare these days, and worth probably as much as that Mercedes, especially in that fine condition. It has a 230 flathead six, a single speed transfer case and is awesome. The "gardening tools" on that M38 are referred to in the Army as "pioneer tools," by the way, but both descriptions make about the same amount of sense. Nobody pioneered or gardened with them, just unstuck the vehicle when it got mired in slimy muck.

  3. lilwillie Avatar

    C'mon! No combat footage?
    Kidding….Great topic Longroofian, love the old war era Jeeps!

  4. joshuman Avatar

    Did anyone else notice the bottle opener screwed to the right rear fender of the Jeep parked in front of the porta-potties?

    1. facelvega Avatar

      the corkscrew is around on the other side. Got to be prepared for anything out there.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Then there's the British….
        <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3430/3939517798_77f9a4cbbb.jpg&quot; width="450">