Hooniverse Invades Comic-Con

Everyone knows that besides being a car nut, I’m also a huge geek. Knowing my love for Sci-Fi, comics and the like, every year in July I head down to San Diego for Comic-Con International. This is the largest single convention of all things geek, nerd and pop culture.
What most people don’t expect is the amount of car culture that is down here for the big event. I decided to come down and cover everything car at comic-con, and there is a lot this year!
First off, thanks to Suzuki for providing us with a 2010 Kizashi SE to use as the official Hooniverse vehicle. We loaded it up and headed down to San Diego.
Big car news here is the new film “Drive Angry”. Nicholas Cage, Amber Heard, Muscle cars, chases, wrecks and hooning all in 3D! Look for our interview with Nicholas Cage and Amber Heard this Friday along with some exclusive scenes from the movie!

Also here is the Black Beauty for ‘The Green Hornet”. I snagged some pics of her along with the Hornet girls. I also snagged an interview with the creator and builder of the new Black Beauty later this week as well as a tour of Britt Reid’s Garage. It’s set up here in a secret location in the Gaslamp Quarter section of San Diego.

Making an appearance at Comic-Con is Ecto1 from Ghostbusters. Mattel brought it down to help introduce their new limited edition Hot Wheels version of that Caddy ambulance turned ghost chaser.

We will have an interview with one of the Hot Wheels designers who helped bring the miniature machine to life!
In addition to the star cars, I’m also going to try and capture some of the vehicles which fans brought down to the show. I caught this Vette pulling in and had to get a pic.

So stay tuned for Car culture and geek goodness here in San Diego from your Hooniverse entertainment reporter, Bentoboxx.

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  1. dr zero Avatar

    The wheels on that Corvette are awful.

    1. thomasmac Avatar

      I have to agree, I really dig Corvettes of that era, the hood scoop and wheels are not cutting it for me.

  2. Balestra Avatar

    That Vette jsut made my day.
    And no, I'm not middle aged, bald, divorced or anything.
    It's just that it's very very sexy.

  3. LTDScott Avatar

    Despite living 10 mins away, I haven't been to Comic Con since probably '95.

  4. name_too_long Avatar

    I hope you'll be covering the Mythbusters appearances. They do quite a few car related myths, Adam has a RHD FJ Land Cruiser, and there's been a guest appearance y his Stigness.

  5. acarr260 Avatar

    Wow, you guys interviewed Cage?
    I hope he interviews better than he acts.