Hooniverse Fastback Friday: The Blue Oval Edition

Well, someone up there is watching over this olelongrooffan. After watching me miss both the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance and the 12 Hours of Sebring the last couple a weekends, who ever that being is decided this weekend would be a good time for the 2011 Spring Fling down here in The World Center of Racing. I popped down to Bellair Plaza to get a few images of some Fastbacks for Hooniverse Fastback Friday and these are a few of the Blue Ovals I found.

This one is a malaise era color, the green that was definitely a shade so prevalent in the early 70’s.

It is a 1972 model showing 39,xxx on the odo.

Based on the rust seen on the master cylinder, I’m not sure if that odo had rolled over or not as it possessed a local phone number and as I’ve said previously, rust is well known around these here parts.

Next up was this 1968 Mustang 2.2 in a subdued red color with, what I think are, vintage Cragar wheels.

Under this St. Augustine Cruisers member’s hood was a HiPo 289 that looked very clean.

As was the interior of this old pony car. I loved the dice gear shifter knob and the roll up covered compartment just in front of it.

But sure was pretty in the late afternoon Florida sunshine.

The final Blue Oval offering this Fastback Friday is this, also a 68, but a Torino Grand Touring.

This olelongrooffan doesn’t think I am going out on a limb calling this one a fastback. I had seen several Torinos previously out at Bellair but I don’t remember seeing this one.

It sports a 390 under the hood, the same as my Dad’s 67 Country Squire

and it also sports an automatic transmission as did his longroof.

And although this image doesn’t do the engine compartment justice, every nut and bolt in it looked as new.

Yeah, I am sure there is plenty of “heat gain” in the interior of this classic muscle car.

Yeah, that fastback definitely captured my eye this Fastback Friday afternoon.
Stay tuned for more from this olelongrooffan while I enjoy my Spring Fling weekend.

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  1. Black Steelies Avatar

    I spy a barefoot dimmer switch.

  2. tonyola Avatar

    The green Torino is hideous, just like all the '72-'79 FoMoCo intermediates. The black and red cars are fine, but yeah, a non-hatch fastback is a pretty impractical body style and not much fun in the summer sun either.

    1. From_a_Buick_6 Avatar

      Don't tell that to Clint Eastwood…

    2. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

      I love me some early 70's greens and browns on Ford Gran Torinos

      1. tonyola Avatar

        It's bloated, fat, and ugly, and it has foot-thick doors, and a tiny, cramped interior. Ford's worst design of the '70s and considering how bad overall Ford was in that decade, that's saying

    3. Jeremy Wilson Avatar
      Jeremy Wilson

      The trunk on my ’69 Torino fastback is enormous, thanks to that package shelf, and I’ve had no issues fitting plenty of stuff in there.
      Also, it’s no more hot than any 60’s musclecar in the summer.
      Unless you’ve actually been in one, I’ll ask you to kindly shut your pie hole.

      1. tonyola Avatar

        I won't shut my pie-hole. I speak from experience. That huge back window is murder in Florida sunshine. Did I say fastbacks were ugly? I like the looks, but they are not the most practical style around. Let me add one more fault with fastbacks – monstrous blind spots.

  3. west_coaster Avatar

    1. I'm guessing the green Torino is a replica of the one from Gran Torino as it has a nonsensical blue California plate with six numerals and no letters; the DMV never issued that kind of sequence.
    2. The red Mustang is a '67, not a '68. And a fastback was called a 2+2, not a "2.2" — though perhaps you're intentionally trying to update the term for the bits and bytes crowd. Finally, the wheels are American Racing Torq Thrusts, not Cragars.

    1. IronBallsMcG Avatar

      Pretty sure that's a Florida antique plate.

      1. west_coaster Avatar

        Oops…my bad. Hadn't had my coffee yet…

  4. dustin_driver Avatar

    I love me some old, fat, horribly built, ill-handling, hideous Gran Torinos!
    Actually, the one from the Furious Fastness is pretty awesome.
    <img src="http://mimg.ugo.com/200902/8762/fast-furious-gran-torino.jpg"&gt;