Hooniverse Fabulous Friday Find: The Morgan + 4 Edition

A whiles back, this olelongrooffan did a short post about The Gipsy, a rare and unique quasi utility vehicle that a customer at the sister company to the one I work at owns. Well just a half hour ago, I spotted this out front and knew it had to be his. It was.

The owner was sitting in thejeepjunkie’s office when I walked in and asked “Is there no end to the cool old cars you own?” His response, “No. You should see what I have up north.”

If it is anything like this four wheeled Morgan, the Gipsy or the Daimler, I only wish I could road trip it up north to check out the rest of his collection.

This classic beauty just strikes all the correct notes in my automobile desiring music video. If memory serves me correctly, it is a 1961 and appears to be in original condition.

It looks equally as nice from the front as it does from the rear.

And while it is not the even more rare three wheeled version produced by the Morgan Motor Company, they did indeed use wooden components in the fabrication of its chassis.

It has a neat script logo on the rear of it as well as

a British Automobile Racing Club badge on its nose.

Along with the obligatory leather strap to keep the bonnet from flying open at speed.

And while I did enjoy seeing this car, I think it might be a replica. Now why does this olelongrooffan jump to that conclusion?

There was no oil dripping from the bottom of it.

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