Hooniverse Concept Clinic: Proposal #4

Welcome back to our open-to-all motor-industry market research forum, an idea exclusive to Hooniverse that, for whatever reason, nobody else on the whole internet wanted to do.
We urge those out there in positions of power and influence over our beloved automotive brands to pay attention to the comments that this strand generates. The world would (will?) be a much better place if its cars were shaped by the voice of the Hooniverse. It’s a voice worth listening to, and last week it collectively agreed that T-Tops should remain in the past, thank you very much.
Today we lurch in a completely different, probably far worse, direction.

So this is the worst drawing to be used in this series so far, but that’s of little import. It’s the idea that matters, so bear with me.

CLICK TO ENLARGE. It looks better if you squint a bit
CLICK TO ENLARGE. It looks better if you squint a bit

I’ve been thinking of dayvans. These machines, typically converted panel vans with windows and shag-pile carpet, were a phenomenon that largely passed the UK by. Despite that, I reckon that the same basic idea could be projected in a whole new direction, to a completely different market.
Imagine a big (probably huge) car of the highest engineering standards imaginable. Imagine that the interior was a big walkaround space. It could contain re-configurable furniture, maybe somewhere to cook. So far, so dayvan (apart from the engineering bit). But imagine that this was a vehicle with a completely new external aesthetic. Nothing van-like about it.
I’m thinking the true definition of land-yacht. The kind of thing that might actually appeal to the motoryachting fraternity. A luxurious, powerful expedition vehicle of the greatest possible prestige that can whisk a couple or a small family thousands of miles away in total luxury, and then come back the next day.
In the drawing above there’s only one door (Sliding? Gullwing? Anything’s possible); it would be kerbside, like on a class A RV, and the driver would walk to his helm position as if on a yacht. The helm would be raised for visibility and clearance of the massive engine beneath (I’m saying V12, let’s go crazy). In the saloon the passengers are chilling out in Lear-Jet luxury while travelling at high autobahn speeds, and further aft there’s a regular trunk. It is a car, after all.
So, there’s an awful lot of refinement needed in the design, but is the idea a valid one? Car meets yacht? Is this something that Pershing, Ferretti or Wally would build for the blue-water experience but on four wheels?
(All drawings by Chris Haining for Hooniverse, copyright 2015)

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    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      That flying bridge is officially the most rad thing ever.

  1. Devin Avatar

    You may have just accidentally tried to revive the Renault Avantime.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      I see a Volvo concept front end and a Renault Megane butt, thus I dub this the ultimate outcome of http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/volvo-merger-with-renault-imminent-1492550.html

  2. GTXcellent Avatar

    I’d drop the Conestoga style wagon wheels for some nice 16″ rims with about a 70 series tire. Let’s bring back the sidewall! I like the shark nose a lot.

  3. Alan Avatar

    My thought upon seeing the nose closeup at the top was that this is a modern take on the classic Pontiac GTO nose, with donk rims.

    I think the proportions are off. This looks way too small to be an RV you can walk around in. Even if those wheels are 24 inchers, the body of this thing is less than 4 feet high and the wheelbase is less than 70 inches. That’s shorter than a Honda Fit’s.

    1. Alan Avatar

      If only I could delete or edit my reply, I would make that image smaller. Apologies.

    2. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      Oh, the proportions are probably way off. I didn’t mean that people would walk around inside quite like they can in an RV; I was suggesting an amount of stooping. You only need shuffle as far as your seat, though. Perhaps I should have gone more RV and less car.

  4. Texlenin Avatar

    No. Oh, Hell,No. Ugly and confused personified.