Hooniverse Dakar Contest: And The Winner Is…

The 33rd running of the Dakar rally is over.  The cars and trucks have been put away for the time being, the drivers, the ones that made it anyway,  have showered, and slept in a bed for the first time in 15 days.  One name is being spoken by spectator and competitor alike.  That one name is the victorious, the supreme, the winner-winner with a chicken dinner.  The winner is…

Stephane Peterhansel. Our lovely comentators came up with the proper prediction in the third comment on our Dakar preview post.  When I provoked the commentariat with a question; Who will win the Dakar Rally car class, it was Muthalovin‘ that came up with the correct prediction. Lovin’ even came up with the proper answer to the question I didn’t ask.  Who will win the Dakar Rally motorcycle class?  His answer was Cyril Despres.

For being practically clairvoyant, lucky, or having struck a deal with the devil himself, to the victor go the spoils.  Here it is Muthalovin‘.  This is what your hard work has all been for.  It’s nice to be recognized, right?

Your prize, should you choose to accept it, is 1 (one) Hooniverse approved “Dakar in a Jar” shipped to the address of your choice.  Don’t worry, you won’t see another one of these on the mantelpiece of even the most enthusiastic of enthusiasts.  Jay Leno won’t even have one (though he might ask to purchase yours…).

Whether you choose to keep this priceless artifact completely intact and unopened, or if you break the seal to recreate the spectacular race on a cookie sheet in your kitchen (like I did…), the choice is now yours!  Congratulations!

To everyone else, better luck next time!

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