Hooniverse Asks- Would You Like to Watch Your New Car Being Built?

They say the two things you don’t want to watch being made are sausage and legislation, although considering the low approval ratings of politicians these days, I’d bet a lot of people would like to watch legislators being turned into sausage. Another thing that might be fun to watch, other than grass grow or paint dry, is an automotive assembly line.

That’s especially interesting if it just so happens to be your car that’s receiving attention from members of the UAW or their worthy non-union compatriots. Or is it all that interesting? Factory delivery has been a hallmark of many import brands, allowing buyers the chance to visit the actual assembly site in order to take delivery of their previously dealer-purchased auto, and providing a ready mount for vacation sojourns. But other than Volkswagen’s Phaeton factory (which is fun to say fast – phaetonfactory – see?) I know of no maker that allowed buyers behind the curtain to see their actual car or truck being built. Sure you can take factory tours at places like Morgan and Aston Martin, but that’s like saying you’ve been on the Universal Studios tour and now know how they make movies. 

But what about actually being present at your own car’s birth? Would you like to visit Marysville, not just to pick up your new Civic or Accord, but to actually watch your car get screwed together? What about Spartanburg, Toyota City or Puebla? How much value would you put in getting to follow your car down the line? 

Image: [FordMotorHistory]

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