Hooniverse Asks- Who's Your Favorite Race Driver?

They say that racers are wired differently, that they have faster mental reflexes and an innate sense of hubris. That being said, we all have our favorites, whether it’s from NASCAR, Formula One, WRC or another tire turning competition. Me, I’ve always liked Mario Andretti. He’s so fast, and not just behind the wheel of a single series. Andretti has won four IndyCar championships, one Formula One World Championship, and an IROC title for good measure. On top of that he oversees a dynasty of racers and lends his name to some very tasty wines! There are others who I admire, mostly British, people like Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Sir Sterling Moss, but I always come back to the Italian as the one I’d most like to be. But what about you? Is there one driver who rests on the shoulders of all others , in your estimation? If so, for what reason do you hold them in such high esteem? Is it someone who is currently living, and have you ever met them? Did that meeting live up to your expectations? So many questions for a Monday. Let us know, which racer gets your pole position. Image sources: [Autoracing1.com, stamfordraceway.com]

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