Hooniverse Asks- Who is the World's Greatest Automotive Artist?

There’s no doubt that customizing cars – whether something as simple as a belt line stripe, or as complex as metalwork – is an art form. And like any medium, automotive art has its patrons. Also, like most art forms, automotive artists have been known to be – to put it judiciously – eclectic on the whole. That being said, I’m more interested in which one you think is the most gifted when it comes to their art, not who you’d least like to have set up camp next door.

One of those whose reputation has been immortalized long after his passing is Kenny Howard, alternately known as Joe Lunch Box, or to the vast majority of hipsters born after his 1992 death, as Von Dutch. Actually scratch that, most of the people wearing Von Dutch clothes probably have no clue who Howard was, or could pick out his flaming eye or pinstriped rabbit from a lineup. 

They’d be even less familiar with Dean Jeffries, George Barris or Ed (Big-Copy) Roth. But they hell with them, they’re also not likely to be here reading this, and those of you who are know not only that bunch of car customizers but probably a hundred more who have taken horse hair to fender or have formed fabulousness out of fiberglass. Of all those automotive artists, which one do you think was the world’s greatest?

Image: [insideline]

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