Hooniverse Asks- Who Has Had The Most Disappointing Racing Turn?

Now that Danika Patrick has had a couple of turns of the wheel in NASCAR, where things generally haven’t been going her way, she’s gotten all pouty about the whole thing. But there have been other drivers who have made even less auspicious debuts, and we want some suggestions as to the one that was the most floptastical. Y’all remember Bill Elliott? While Awesome Bill from Dawsonville won the 1988 Winston Cup series, his performance since then would lead you to believe that was a fluke. Willy T Ribs? His temper helped kill his chances. How about Car and Driver’s Patrick Bedard’s crash at the 1984 Indianapolis 500? That was kind of his debut and swan song, all in one front straight-littering blaze of glory. So, who has had a career misfire by going to another discipline, or just not living up to expectations? Image sources: [GoDaddy.com, Pwned.com]

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