Hooniverse Asks- Which Car Forums Have the Worst Trolls?

There’s something great about an on-line forum, especially when its users are passionate about its theme or purpose. On-line forums provide a unique venue where many like-minded souls may gather together for the free exchange of ideas, opinions and partake in lively discourse. They engender the meeting of disparate cultures and experiences, and can be both entertaining and educational. Of course, on the flip side, they are also the stalking grounds of trolls.

Trolls have historically lived under bridges and eaten children. With the advent of the Internet they have expanded their range, and have taken up residence in many a web forum, where they now eat civility and decorum. And car forums are the trolls’ prime hunting grounds.

Brand-specific forums are already somewhat dangerous neighborhoods if you’re not a rabid advocate of that particular marque, and places like the VW Vortex can eat you alive if you so much as profess to not being wholly appreciative of slammed Fox wagons with diesel transplants. But there’s a special sort of individual that plies automotive forums like a a White Tip does the Great Barrier Reef, and those are the most dangerous – the Car Troll. These are the ones who call out the most minor inconstancies in the posts of others, flame bait, and for all I know, fart in elevators.

Trolls today range across pretty much every car forum in existence, having flourished as an alien invader, driving out all the native forum members, and turning some forums into wastelands. As a public service to us all, which are most rife with the breed? Which Car forums have the worst trolls?

Image: [retroadsandgraphics]

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