Hooniverse Asks- Which Are You, A Mod or a Rocker?

Today’s Hooniverse Asks question is really a bit of a misnomer as I’m not really interested in which side of the 1960s subculture you land as I am with your allegiance with each group’s ride of choice. What I want to know is whether you think scooters are more cool than small traditional tank-in-your-lap style bikes. It’s just easier to preface it in terms of  Quadrophenia.

Motorcycles date back to the dawn of the motor age, while scooters came into prominence as a post-WWII mechanism for putting Europe back on the road to prosperity. And while motorcycles evolved into larger, and faster, and more testicular fortitude-requiring to ride, scooters never got much bigger than the 250-cc editions that seemed to plague places like Paris and Rome, almost always with a swarthy dude on the throttle and a tight-skirted girl sittings side-saddle on the back. But that does’t mean that traditional motorcycles didn’t come in equally economical engine displacements as scooters, they just required a leg-over to mount, and had tires that a Detroit-worthy pothole wouldn’t swallow whole.

Still, like the British yobs of the sixties, there exists today a schism between those who like motorcycles, and those who prefer scooters. Rare is the individual who has an equal predilection for both. And while you may not ever have even been to Brighton, nor have you ever had any sort of vehicle sporting more than four rear-view mirrors, it’s likely that you too have an opinion as to which you think is the cooler ride, scooters or motorcycles. Which’ll it be?

Image: [2strokebuzz


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