Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Most Surprising 'Second Impression' Car or Truck?


Look, I’m going to make a bold and provocative statement here – the Chrysler/Maserati TC isn’t as bad a car as you have been led to believe. Oh sure, when it was first introduced by a cigar-chomping Lee Iacocca it seemed either a joke or the final death spasms of a storied Italian brand. Looking back on it now, I’m going to have to admit that when taken as an automobile, it’s a far better car than the Biturbo. I mean first off, it’s going to be vastly more reliable. Then there’s the fact that Chrysler knew how to do things like switch and vent placement, something that has befuddled the Italians since before time. And lastly, it had portholes. The freakin’ portholes made it in my book.

You may not agree with my assessment, but then you don’t have to. What I would like is for you to offer up your opinion on cars that, on a second pass, have proven much more worthy in your mind than when you first passed judgement on them.  What do you think was your most surprising second take car or truck?

Image source: Mediaboxdam

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