Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Most Hated Car Sticker Sight?

During political seasons the most partisan of individuals usually festoon their yards with signs showing the support for the asshat of their choice. Not trying to be provocative here, I think we can agree that, with few exceptions, all politicians are asshats. In between political seasons a lot of folks find the need to express their personal opinions, and usually use the moving billboard that is their vehicle to do so.

Whether stickers detailing the number of family members, thus simplifying the task for serial killers, or the adornment of faux bullet holes, fender dent covering comic band aides, or copyright infringing Calvins urinating on whatever the owner sees as their most despised opponent, these personal expressions can be an affront to both taste and sensibility.

The thing about personal taste is that it’s personal. That means that most people won’t share yours or mine. And those of others? Yikes! The question for this Friday is intended not to tax the synapses too much, but instead to raise the cockles. What I want to know is which of the adhesive automotive accouterments you find most egregious. What do you think is the most hated car sticker sight? 

Image: [toplessrobot]

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