Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Most Cherished Automotive Possession?

Whether it’s a particular tool, or perhaps a race program autographed by Dan Gurney, each of us has one or more possessions that we covet.

These are items that we vow will stay with us us until we’re in the cold, cold ground – or someone offers us serious cash for. Maybe it’s a socket set that used to belong to your dad, and was handed down to you with great reverence and ceremony. Perhaps it was the turn-9 bleacher sign you ripped from the fence during the last-ever race at Riverside raceway (don’t ask). Or, it could be your keyfob- which sports the badge of the dream car you vow to one-day own, and which serves as a warm reminder of that goal. So what is it? What automotive-related object do you have that they’d have to pry from your cold, dead fingers?

Image sources: [ordnancemarine, arteauto]

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