Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Least Favorite Automotive Maintenance Task?

Porsche 16

This past weekend I changed out the rear struts on my 240Z, and my thumb and forefinger on my right hand still smart from the half hour or so I spent attempting to start the flare nut brake line threads into the flexi-hose. I approached the job with trepidation for just this reason, as I had replaced the hard bridges of the back brakes with new stainless steel lines a while ago when I discovered the old lines were stuck tight and needed to go. The angle of the pipe makes it extremely difficult to get the thread started straight, and it’s a maddening job to get the connections all done up right.

You’ll be hearing more about that adventure in the near future, but today I want to hear about the regular maintenance jobs that you really loathe to do, or at least make you uneasy. Some jobs, like doing the brakes might make you squeamish just because of their primary function as a safety tool, and the fear that screwing them up may end up with you careening off a cliff. Of course if you’ve read my handy dandy Hooniverse 101 post on drums then you should be completely confident.

But what other job leaves you sullen and cranky at the mere thought, even though you know it has to be done? What is your least favorite maintenance task demanded of your car? 

Image source: Sports Car Digest

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