Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Greatest Never Sold Here Lament?

Did you know that you can’t easily buy ranch dressing in England? What’s up with that? I mean what the hell do the Brits dip their hot wings in while watching the Super Bowl? That’s just one of the obvious limitations of national borders, albeit one of the more egregious ones. Of course for those of us who get car-d ons the worse examples are all the iron denied an eager buying public because of concerns like safety and market viability.

Pish-posh I say. Let us have it all and let God sort ’em out. Or something like that. Whatever the reason, not having certain cars in your country of choice can be a right pisser. Sure, as Antti has shown us, resourceful types take matters into their own hands and pretty much run what they brung. But not all of us are that capable. Or are willing to extend any effort at all for that matter.

And so, for those of us unable to make our dreams come true, which car or truck is the most dreamy? Is there one car that you worshiped from afar – across an ocean perhaps? If so, which one do you most lament not being sold where you could actually buy it? You know, if you actually had money?

Image: [freebestwallpapers]

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