Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Favorite Two-Wheel Tourer?

I have questionable acquaintances. One of those friends once told me that his preferred vehicle for an L.A. to Vegas run was the early ’80s Cadillac Eldorado due to the fact that it had a glove box door which would drop down flat making for an excellent platform from which to snort blow. Like I said, I have questionable acquaintances. Still, that Caddy coupe, in pretty much any of its iterations, represents a form of luxury touring car for which there is little substitute. Little that is unless your predilections lean towards two wheelers of a similar ilk.

It seems that there isn’t a car or truck form for which you can’t match an equatable motorcycle. Ferrari? Ducati. Jeep? KTM Enduro. And touring bikes, being the biggest and most luxurious, are like the Caddys or Buicks of the tippy-over set, many having options that might shame even those hallowed white shoe and matching belt brands.

It takes a special kind of biker to rock a tourer, seeing as most are only a few pounds shy of what four wheels will buy you. Of course, going four wheels means putting up with the inconvenience of weather protection or crash safety. Riding a touring bike means wind in your face, numbness in your crotch, and a turning circle that would shame the Exxon Valdez. What it doesn’t mean however is missing your favorite radio program, lacking cruise control, or for some, actually having to scuff up the soles of your boots when backing up, as they sport reverse gears. 

Knowing the unique appeal, which touring bike is your favorite? And stay away from hyped up people in old Eldorados on the I-15, m’kay?

Image: [motorcycle usa]

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