Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Favorite Top Gear Film?

Have you ever noticed that when Top Gear does a segment – anything from Jeremy folding his ample frame into a tiny Peel to traversing the African Continent, they describe it as a film? It’s a quaint colloquialism and one that’s almost as endearing to long-time TG fans as replacement Stigs and Richard Hammond weeing himself. Thing of it is though, over the past 18 or so seasons, the three veddy English buffoons have made a lot of those films, and some have been more memorable than others. And I’m wondering which one you might claim as your favorite? 

Now, even though I’ve made mention of Clarkson, the Stig and the Hamster – not to negate James May’s contributions as everyone knows he’s our favorite – but I don’t want you to limit this exercise to just the Top Gear from Old Blighty. No, if you happen to have fond memories of the Aussie edition, or perhaps have watched the root canal that is the U.S. version, then by all means offer up that excrement show’s best as well.

Top Gear has, over the course of a generation, become the defining automotive television escapade of our time. Many pretenders to the porcelain throne have contested it, none has survived to usurp it. And along with it being a beloved ode to our most favorite mode of personal transportation, the British show at least, has for some time been one of the most visually gorgeous TV programs available of any kind. The question then is, which visually gorgeous film segment do you consider to be the best?

Image: [yupman]

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