Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Favorite Race Track?

Whether it’s a big asphalt oval, a rally course that covers multiple nations, or a sinewy street course between historic beach-front properties, there are a lot of venerated race venues out there. Some bring little more than a smooth stretch of macadam, and are otherwise nondescript. Others, such as Indy, with its yard of bricks, are considered with reverence. Do you have a fav? Next month is the 36th running of the Long Beach Grand Prix, and while that race hasn’t been an actual “Grand Prix” for years, it remains one of the only street course races run in the U.S.. Sadly, that track is less like the classic Grand Prix of Monaco, and is more like a giant k-rail kart track, and is personally one of my least favorite venues. My most favorite is a track that’s less than ten minutes from my house- that being the 1/2-mile oval at Irwindale. It’s not long, it’s not beautiful, but there’s some slammin’ good racing that goes on there most Saturday nights. A track that I hope to drive on one day is, of course, the Nurburgring. Called the Green Hell by Jackie Stewart, that 13-mile track is considered to be one of the most taxing to both car and driver. That’s a tax I’m willing to pay. So, do you love the “Ring,” or is Daytona’s superspeedway more your cup of 10W/40? Maybe, like me, you prefer the intimacy of a smaller venue like Irwindale or Acton? Or, the long, snake-like multi-stage rally courses, or perhaps, Pike’s Peak? So, which is it? Do you have a favorite race track? And if so, is it because you like to watch the racing there, or you like to actually race there? Let us know. Image sources: [Daytonabeachresort.com, cvam.com]

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