Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Favorite Race Motor?

Tracks need cars to run on them, and drivers need cars to run on those tracks, and all those cars need motors to make them more than just stationary art objects. Out of all of those motivators, which one really gets your motor running? I have a soft spot for the little Cosworths – specifically the BDA series, as it has always seemed to me to magically produce horsepower from nothing, like rabbits out of a hat. But if you’re a NASCAR fan, those little four-bangers might look like they’re missing half the motor. You’d probably be more brand-oriented, and might be jonesing for something like Chevy’s RO7 as your dream motor. Of course, F1 has seen its share of mind-melting motor, from the amazing BRM V16s, to the pneumatic-valve Renault V6s, it’s always been the gear-head geek’s playground. So which engine sparks your plugs? Is it a high-strung WRC contender, or maybe a big, loping super speedway demon? Is there one that stands out above the rest? Image sources: [Project917.com, Burtonpower.com]

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