Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Favorite Race Car?

Okay, we’ve done motors, drivers and tracks. But one thing has been missing- that single element that brings all those parts together to create an exciting motorsport event, and not just a bunch of guys (and the occasional girl) trying to drag an engine around. Race cars get our blood going. They are the ultimate expression of the day-to-day drivers we have sitting in the driveway right now, and most are aspirational- driving our fantasies when we get into our cars for the slog to work, or to the store for a half gallon of Hagen Daz. But which one drives your fantasies? I’m kind of a Ford man myself, and jones for both an RS200 and a GT40 MK I. But I also love the shark-nosed Ferrari 156, as well as the later race-prepped 289 Cobras and even the much more recent Audi R10 TDI. It’s hard to choose, I know, especially as each racing type – superspeedway, endurance, WRC, etc – requires a different kind of car, and many are just so awesome. That’s why, instead of just your favorite, I want you to give a top-ten list. You can pick one car out of the lot that does happen to fluff your pillow more than the others, but the group will do. So, get those brains a thinkin’, and give up your list. Image sources: [Shorey.net, SisuAutomotive.com]

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