Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Favorite Car-Related TV Show?

You can’t fulfill all your automotive entertainment needs on Hooniverse alone, or even the vast intergalactic wasteland that is the Internet. No, sometimes you’ve got to plop down in front of the TV and get some good wrench-turning, tire smoking, auction blocking goodness.

Across even basic cable there’s plenty of racing, ride-pimping and tweedy English beratement of all-things not British. And, while you might not find that everything on the tube floats your boat, you surely have one or two shows that spark your plugs.

So, do you get blue when Pinks isn’t on? Does the hacked-up editions of last year’s Top Gear on BBC America give you the warm and fuzzies? How about panoply of perfect performers that pass the stage during Speed’s comprehensive B&J Auction coverage?

If you have a TV, and your reading this, in all likelihood you’ve sen one or more of these shows. One of my favorites used to be a PBS show called Shade Tree Mechanic, with a cheerful rolly-polly guy who would do everything from changing the brakes on an F150 to building a Cobra kit car, but that’s just me.

So, let us know what your favorite passive pastime is, and let’s keep it to the stuff that’s actually on TV, and not the clandestine downloads of shows from other counties. And now for a few words from our sponsors. . .

Image sources: [Speed TV, MotorworldHype.com]

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