Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Favorite Bond-Movie Car? (Spy Week)

So it’s Spy Week and of course the most famous secret agent is none other than Valerie Plame James Bond. Dapper, cold blooded, and unflappably British, Bond is really the modern, well-mannered, interpretation of the hard-boiled detective formed by the likes of Poe, Hammett and Chandler. Bond has been celebrated in more than 26 films, and in most of those, he’s driven something of interest.

Actually, Bond films usually feature cars for both 007 and his adversaries that are equal in their allure. The movies feature the everything from  the sensual and gadget-rich Aston Martin DB5 all the way to an AMC Hornet that has both a trunk commodious enough to transport a feisty Britt Ekland, and the ability to fly via a bolt-on twin boom arrangement late of a Cessna Skymaster. 

In fact, Bond films provide a pretty good microcosm of the coolest cars representative of each film’s era, and of course – from custom Toyota 2000 GT convertible to submersible Lotus – Jimmy the B managed to snag the coolest of them. But what do you think is the coolest Bond movie car of all? Is it Yaphet Kotto’s pimped out Caddy from Live and Let Die? Or are you a traditionalist and find that an ejection seat-equipped Aston leaves you shaken and stirred? What’s your take, movie car buff?

Image: [mancertified]

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