Hooniverse Asks- What's Your Favorite American Car?

Okay, so this week, we’ve been looking at America’s bread and butter car makers who have, over the years, put our great nation on the road, and which of each make was your nominee for history’s best. Today, we’re going to both expand the field – opening it up to all comers, and get down to a more personal level, asking what car is your favorite. The auto industry has been a major contributor to our nation’s economic roller coaster since before there were roller coasters, so there’s a plethora of potentials from which to choose. It used to be, identifying an American car was easy, there pretty much wasn’t anything else on the road. But following WWII things changed, and funny little cars started showing up, wending through traffic and taking the parking spaces that drivers of normal cars deemed too small. Eventually, many of those foreign makes began to be built here in the U.S., blurring the line between domestic and import. Today, it’s possible to buy a car with a traditionally American name plate that has more foreign-sourced content than a car with a very alien-sounding name that’s actually almost all American. So, it’s hard to say what’s an American car anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set some guidelines – draw a line in the sand – and say a car is American “because”. Let’s call a car American if its final point of assembly was somewhere within our proud 50 states. That would include late ’70s VW rabbits, but not Puebla-sourced New Beetles.  Canadian Camaros are right out, unfortunately. And out of those fifty state vehicles, which one – in your personal estimation – tops the pile? I’m especially interested interested in the opinions of those who live outside of the U.S., and who have been exposed to American cars in a different milieu. So, with all that in preface, what’s your favorite American car? Image sources: [realityworld.ca, hillbilliesinc.net]

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