Hooniverse Asks- What's The Worst Thing Someone Has Done To Your Car?

It happens- you park somewhere, are gone for a while and upon your return you find that somebody has scraped their key across your beloved’s unprotected flank. Or maybe they’ve snapped off the antenna, or opened their door as though blowing the hatch on a crippled space shuttle, sending it swinging into the side of your car and leaving a scar that even the chicks won’t dig. People can be thoughtless, senseless and downright malicious at times, and when we are forced to leave our cherished possessions in public places, we leave them at the mercy of whatever freak happens to park within their vicinity- and god help you if they think you parked too far to one side of your space and encroached upon theirs. Some vandals are even more brazen and destructive. Have you ever come back to your car and found it resting on the ground instead of its killer rims? Maybe a first date that was going so well suddenly turned south when you discover that your battery is now starting somebody else’s ride, leaving you cursing your lack of an interior hood lock. So, have you been the recipient of the stupidity, irresponsibility or outright maliciousness of some anonymous attacker? If so, did you find out who did it, and more importantly, did you deserve it? Image sources: [BlackFive.net, AskMetafilter.com]

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