Hooniverse Asks- What's The Worst Mid-Cycle Refresh?

We’ve all seen it happen- a car or truck comes out and it looks nigh-on perfect. Then, two or three years down the road, the maker decides that the styling’s getting a bit tired and so spices it up with the usual mid-cycle refresh. This entails a new nose and tail light treatment, and sometimes can result in looking like the car was designed by not just two different people, but by incongruous species. The current Mustang is just such a car- reshaped to appear smaller and more athletic, it now sports an odd baboon-butt and black-painted grill-sides losing the definition between opening and headlamps. That’s just one questionable re-imagining, and there are many more. In your mind, which one takes the cake for most egregious screw-up of a good design? Image sources: [ cardotcom, fastcoolcars.com]

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