Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Weirdest Seat Upholstery Ever?

Whether leather, or vinyl, or mouse fur velour, or something a bit more esoteric, the material upon which you plant your butt in a car has an aesthetic value for both you, and those who are quietly judging you. Your taste in fashion of course extends to your car’s upholstery, and it’s pretty obvious just walking through a parking lot and glancing in the windows that – what, that is not creepy! – many people’s taste is all in their mouths.

I remember reading somewhere about a car upholstered in whale penis. That’s not just aesthetically questionable, it presents a real safety hazard, as passing by a Sea World billboard could potentially result in you being ejected from the car. I’ve also personally sat in a car seat covered with the skins of a multitude of frogs, all dyed a lurid red, and I’ve seen with my own eyes ostrich and alligator used in ways in a car’s interior that would make a PETA mercenary well up with tears.

And those are just the animals that have been converted into questionable upholstery options, leaving out of course the companion categories of mineral and vegetable. And what about Earth, Wind and Fire?! You too must have come across, in real life or its fantasy analog known as the internet, some even weirder automotive canvases upon which to rest one’s buttocks. What – in your opinion –  the weirdest car upholstery you’ve ever seen?

Image: [Team Chevrolet Singapore Car Club]

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