Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Weirdest Non-Car Product Sold By a Car Company?

If you think Henry Ford got rich off of building cars, you’d be. . . well, right. But that doesn’t mean the old man didn’t have a few other tricks up his money making sleeve. Kingsford charcoal was founded by Ford and E.G. Kingsford as a way to profitably dispose of a waste product from the automaker’s manufacturing empire. Model Ts to backyard barbecues, that’s an odd but actual connection, and one of the weirdest things that a car company has ever sold.

Honda of course is another company that seems to have its fingers in every pie that might also contain an internal combustion engine. Whether it’s outboards or lawn mowers, Honda seemingly has an offering in the category. And many of them are pretty damn good too. Other companies haven’t been so bold when it comes to tracts and generators, but if you’re in the market for a bicycle, you can pretty much take your pick from the plethora of auto makers who also like to dabble in two wheelers.

Bikes, barbecues, what’s next baby buggies and breast pumps? It seems like there are few categories in which traditional automakers don’t play. Fun fact, for a while, when they owned Hughes, General Motors was the largest purveyor of porn in America. That was due to the satellite subsidiary’s DirecTV business offering such salacious fare as Playboy after Dark and Two Girls, One Satellite Dish. That’s just weird, and probably not something buyers of Chevy Impalas wanted to contemplate. But while that’s weird, is it the weirdest? What do you think what’t the most odd non-car product from a car company?

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