Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Weirdest Italian Car? (Weird Week)

We’re going for a theme this week, and that is weird cars. That is, the cars you think are the weirdest expressions of their creators’ intent. To keep things a little under control we’re also going to segment by country of origin, and for this week keep it to Europe. Today we’ll consider weirdos from that boot-shaped nation famous for – in addition to cars – comestibles and clothing, Italy.

What is weird? Well, the dictionary describes it as: suggesting something supernatural; uncanny, very strange; bizarre. For our concern today, we’re thinking of anything that’s so far out of the mainstream – whether it be in styling, engineering, or by use of odd appendages – that the most accurate description would be weird. You know what I’m talking about.

When it comes to Italy, there’s all kinds of weird. That’s surprising,after all  this is a nation that has existed for centuries upon the ruins of the Roman Empire and today houses the Vatican, both authorities that don’t take kindly to dissent. Perhaps it is because of the need to break free from those authoritarian strictures that the Italians have managed to both innovate and, occasionally, go off the deep end when it comes to the fruits of their labors. How else could one explain the modern Multipla, as exemplified above?  Is that Fiat the weirdest of the weird from the Mediterranean nation, or is that only the tip of the boot?

Image: [girlcarguycar]

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