Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Weirdest Interior Feature Ever?

So there I was, just outside the Lodge at Pebble Beach, about to walk on to one of the world’s most famous golf courses and bear witness to what, every year is of the greatest assemblies of automotive awesomeness on the planet, and I was staring at a coach-built Rolls Royce with a toilet in the back. The Silver Wraith Vignale was built in 1954 for Joseph Maschuch of New York, a man obviously on the go

While you might think that pooping in a Rolls would be the epitome of crapping class, it’s rumored that the gold-rimmed bucket in this custom Roller was used more frequently by its owner as a champaign chiller than a depository for moving violations. Still, that’s one weird car accouterment. There are others that I’ve seen that are almost as odd – under-dash record players and leaded crystal barware accessible from the driver’s seat among them – but I’m sure you’ve seen even weirder.

What do you think takes the cake when it comes to car interior freakery? Is there one thing offered as a real automotive interior accessory that really makes you question its creator’s sanity? What is the weirdest interior feature you’ve ever seen?

Image: [me] 

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