Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Weirdest German Car? (Weird Week)

We’re well along with Weird Week, taking a tour of what you consider to be Europe’s oddest cars. So far we’ve seen Italy’s Latin lunatics, the UK’s bizarre Brits and some pretty freaky French. And today we’re visiting that ultimate bastion of quirk known as Germany.

Okay, so German and weird don’t quite go together. When it comes to Deutschland, what comes to mind is less odd, and more kinky. Still they’ve been known to make their share of poop-porn oddball cars too. In fact, in the post war period alone, when the country was trying for recover both its industrial infrastructure and ability to go out in public without people giving it dirty looks, they introduced a river of weirdness, mostly in size Extra-Extra-Small.

So, for today’s exercise we want to find the freakiest of the deaky, the balmiest of the Autobahners, the oddest of the German odd, what do you think is history’s weirdest German car?

Image: [Hemmings]

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