Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Weirdest Badge Engineered Car?

On Monday we initiated a discussion on which shared platform had the least members bogarting the good stuff. That was the Zenith of cross pollination, while today we want to know your opinion as to what car-clone is the opposite, the nadir.

Sometimes manufacturers go to great lengths to hide the source of shared parts, and a popular game for me on the highway is playing guess the motorhome headlight donor. That kind of Frankenstein parts sharing never works and car people in the know can always spot the Toyota tail lamps on the Lotus Esprit, or the Volvo air vents on the veddy British Aston Martin. Other times it’s not like car makers even trying. One of the most obvious examples of this is the Lada VAZ-210-Whatever. No amount of craptacular Soviet build quality and communist block ephemeral shelf life could mask the car’s Fiat origins.

The most egregious of these situations is when makers buy not only designs but entire cars, only going to the effort of slapping on a badge here or there and calling it a day. Hell, if this were Hollywood, these would be the guys making sequels VI and VII of cheesy horror films. But this isn’t Tinsel Town and these products don’t end up in the bargain bins at Walmart. Instead they’re typically moldering out in that mega-mart’s parking lot, nondescript and unassuming. The question is, which of these badge jobs do you think is the most odd?

Image: [Dayerses]

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