Hooniverse Asks- What's The Weirdest Automotive-Related Celebrity Endorsement?

It is both ironic, and a little creepy, that James Dean did a public service announcement in support of safe driving. His parting advice, to ‘the kids out there’ – take it easy driving, one of the lives you save might be mine – seems tragic in hindsight. If that wasn’t weird enough, OJ Simpson shilled for Hertz rent-a-car back in the day. His TV commercial demonstrated how Hertz could ensure you never have to wait when you really need to get away as quickly as possible. Shudder.

Those are just two examples that – due to subsequent events – proved either oddly prescient or just plain ominous. Other celebrity endorsements, whether for a make or model, or for some other related aspect of cars and driving, may have been equally so. But which is the most so? Maybe the Bionic Woman touting the attributes of the Ford Ranger, a truck that also seemed unstoppable despite its apparent antiquated nature? Or maybe it’s Michael Jordan pretending he slums in a Chevy Celebrity for Chicagoland Chevy dealers?

Those are but a few of the more embarrassing celebrity endorsements peppering Youtube like so many sharted turds. Which do you think is the most turdalicious? 

Image: [Doctormacro]

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