Hooniverse Asks- What's the Ugliest Car Sold today?

Styling appreciation is subjective, and while we can have to-ma-to/tom-ah-to arguments on the merits of scoop placement and tire diameter to wheel opening ratios, there are some cars that most of us can agree, are just plain fugly. For many a moon, this question was an easy one, Pontiac giving all other car makers a gimme with the Aztek. Fortunately,  that abomination preceded its parent into the great highway in the sky a number of years ago. So now we must crown a new king of fug. Because, right now, sitting on dealer lots, or worse, in an owner’s garage, waiting to spring on unsuspecting commuters, is a car or truck that the designer told his bosses “will draw attention to, and define the brand for years to come.” Sadly, these days, many a brand is being defined as the one with the homely cars. So which car makes you turn your head away in revulsion whenever you pass the dealer? Is there one so heinous that you cross yourself or whisper mi dios when you stumble upon it in the parking lot? Unconstrained by border or market, which new car is the ugliest car sold today? Image sources:[netcarshow.com, automedia.com]

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