Hooniverse Asks – What's the Strangest Towing Setup You've Ever Seen?

My summers are typically spent traveling around the lower 48 states by car and I have the luck of being passenger/navigator/snack distributor about 75% of the time.  The travel is mostly car related  so I’m always in an automotive state of mind, scanning the lanes of traffic for something unique/interesting/insane to pass the time.  I can assure you I’m never disappointed. There have been some rare classics, some outrageous customs and some seriously OMGWTFBBQ disasters on four wheels.  More often than not, the first two are queens of the road, being towed on shiny dual axle trailers in all their glory, but every once in a while I see a vehicle in tow that requires the caption, “Here, hold mah beer and watch me tow this!”
Like 'Mater, only cooler.
When towing goes wrong.
Some noteworthy examples: An old Ford pickup being towed by a Camry down the interstate using only a tow strap, a person “steering” the truck down around Asheville, NC. A long car on a short trailer, the back wheels just hanging off the edge, strapped down with about six ratchet straps, 2 come-a-longs and possibly some duct tape in mid state Kentucky. A ’58 VW Beetle being flat towed behind a lowered, chipped and completely blacked out 2000 VW New Turbo Beetle up my driveway in Bloomsburg, PA. Wait, what? Hooniverse asks, what’s the most amazing/cool/terrifying towing setup you’ve ever seen? [www.failfun.com]

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