Hooniverse Asks: What's the Sexiest C-Pillar?

new_paint8 Quick, what’s the sexiest part of a cat’s body? That’s right, its’ the hips and the way their musculature blends into the lithe lines of their torso. Wait, did I say cat? Shoot, I meant car. Stupid whiskey. Well, whether cat or car, that rear haunch is definitely where it’s going on. There’s no doubt about it, the C-pillar is undisputedly the best pillar. It’s also the sexiest pillar on a car because there’s so many ways that it can meet with the rear fender line, and as everybody knows, the rear fenders are also the sexiest fenders. What we want to know today—seeing as we’re all already hot and bothered over that big beautiful T-bird up there—is what car out there has the sexiest C-pillat. What do you think is the car that most drops da’ bomb when it comes to what in the back? Image: degeneratepress

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