Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Most Zombie Car?

Zombies are hugely popular these days what with the AMC series The Walking Dead and the NY Times best seller World War Z beheading to a theater near you. But what about zombie cars? Now, I don’t mean Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicles, after all everyone knows the best one of those is the Pontiac Aztek because no Zombie would figure an Aztek owner to be a source of succulent and nutritious brains. No, what I’m talking about is actual zombie cars – cars that just refuse to die.

I have a friend who was given a car in high school that served him all the way through college and on into his entry into the professional world, a car he affectionately called the White Ferrari. In reality it was a convertible Chevy Cavalier. High School, College, Job, that Chevy just kept going. The A/C gave up the ghost twice. The second key snapped off in the trunk lock, leaving whatever treasures in there for archeologists of the future to marvel over, and over time it acquired a patina of funk that is difficult to describe. And yet, it still kept going, just like a… zombie. That damn Cavalier never let him down – thankfully there wasn’t a party’s worth of beer in that trunk – and when the top went down he couldn’t have been happier if it really had been a Ferrari.

Sadly though, the Cavalier fell to the derision of a new employer and was cast aside in favor of a Jeep Compass, a car that likely won’t have quite the staying power as that Chevy. In fact, in zombie parlance the Jeep Compass would probably be the first to get its face eaten off. But somewhere out there, probably still haunting the streets of West Los Angeles is likely a white Chevvy Cavalier that keeps on going, its hunger not for grey matter but black asphalt. What other cars can you think of that might have that kind of staying power, no matter what apocalypse might come?

Image: [Dos Chinos on Dos Wheels]

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