Hooniverse Asks- What's The Most Patriotic American Car?

Painting an American Flag on your car doesn’t make it patriotic, and neither does a Buy Union bumper sticker. Without getting into the discussion of whether a car from a Foreign make, built in this country, is an American or not, there is the question of which particular car is the most representative of our great nation, and the people’s pride inherent therein.
Now, you might jump up and shout that the Corvette is the most patriotic as it’s an American legend, and is built by that flag-waving company in the song – you know, baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. But is Chevy really the all-American brand? Ford is older, and originally put more average-joes on the road than did the bow-tie brigade. So maybe that song was wrong all along?
What about Ford? They’re one of the oldest surviving American auto makers now that Olds is gone. But they’ve also been the most international of all the American car makers, establishing stand alone efforts across Europe, Asia and in the Southern Hemisphere. That makes Ford more of a global brand than either of the other two major American makers. And, unlike those other two, Ford didn’t declare bankruptcy last year, nullifying all union and supplier agreements like GM and Chrysler did, how un-American was that?!
So, maybe it’s not a Chevy, and maybe it’s not a Ford. Or maybe it is. But who’s to say that the most patriotic car – the car that speaks to the ethos that is our great country – actually needs to have been built here? Perhaps the car that represents us the best isn’t even a car at all, but some kind of truck, moped, or mule-dragged cart. Maybe, there isn’t actually a vehicle that embodies our character strongly enough to carry that flag.
But that’s up to you to decide, and today, a day following our nation’s celebration of our founding, that’s what we’d like you to do- tell us what you think is the most patriotic car that’s ever been.
Image sources: [Kathika.com, 4-the-love-of-jeeps.com]

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  1. Alff Avatar

    Cadillac Cimarron. Years ago, my grandparents READ about it, went out and bought a WHITE one and sold it when they discovered that it totally BLEW.

  2. With-a-G Avatar

    …and like the USA, you can bitch about it, but it doesn't make it any weaker.

  3. Tropical Ice Cube Avatar
    Tropical Ice Cube

    hmm-hmm: that's america-on-wheels. What did the other guy said? Tacky, loud, heavy, repulsive & so on? Indeed.
    <img src='http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/dual-glide-chopper-profile-1.jpg'>This is… you!