Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Most Outrageous Tuner Super Car?


Last week I had a rare bird on Nice Price or Crack Pipe over on Jalopnik, and that was a Ferrari 512BB that had been specially modified by the German tuning company, Koenig Specials. The changes were pretty extensive, including a significant widening to the rear quarters, and a pair of turbos for the five-litre flat twelve, all of which boosted the top end to a claimed 205 mph. The one above is an example of the widening, but it’s not a turbo car.

You might think that tuners would want to start with something that wasn’t all that great to begin with, perhaps in an effort to atone for the factory’s failings. That wasn’t typically the case however, as most tuners choosing to mod what most people would already consider to be pretty great cars – and usually ones that most of us couldn’t afford to begin with.

The site 1000sel.com is an awesome compendium of such tuner super cars, and it was while perusing their pages that I saturated wondering, which one of these modded super cars isn’t just some Middle Eastern sheik’s wretched excess of the month, but is instead a unique and desirable car in its own right – a righteous reinterpretation of its super car base? That’s what I want to know from you today, what do you think is the most outrageous tuner super car?

Image source: Coche Classicos De Hoy

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