Hooniverse Asks- What's The Most Obscure Automotive Fact You're Proud You Know?

We’ve been doing this Car Blog thing for a while now, and one thing that continues to impress us is the amazing automotive knowledge our regular commenters bring to the table on a daily basis. Whether it’s the big-end float on a ’62 Studebaker 289 V8, or the number of times Peugeot has won WRC, you folks know your stuff. And we know that deep down inside, y’all got some really arcane knowledge bobbing around in your big bad brains, it’s now time to let it out and give it some exercise.

I bet you even know what this is!
Now, you may be an expert on Bakelite radio knobs, or maybe you know the age of every Indy winner in history. Whatever your most obscure automotive factoid is, we want to hear it. Can you recite the firing order of every Ferrari road engine ever built? How about the name of Henry Ford’s dogs? While you would think that your incredible ability to list every Chevrolet model would make you the center of almost any party, typically once you make it known you’re relegated back to the couch with Jugdish, Sidney and Clayton. But here we actually want to hear about those models, and anything else that’s weird and wonderful, and potentially could make you a social outcast if anybody else knew you took pride in knowing it. So let it fly, tell us your most obscure automotive fact. And after that it’s back to Jugdish, Sidney and Clayton, I’m sure you’ll have a lot to talk about. Image sources: [stargp.com, waxner.com]

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