Hooniverse Asks: What's the Most Minimalist Vehicle You Would Consider Using for Transportation?

solowheel I heard on the radio last week that here in Los Angeles—a city with some of the worst traffic in the world—only 11% of commuters use public transportation. You can probably chalk that up to the fact that LA’s rail system is still growing and that its busses are seen as slow (they still have to ply those same congested streets) and kind of creepy. That means that the rest of us are all in our cars or on our bikes, and that got me thinking about other alternatives. Consider if you are a car or truck driver, that’s a lot of metal to be dragging to work and back everyday. Would you ever consider switching to say, a motorcycle? How about to a Segway? Those sidewalks are calling. What about something even simpler, like those pyrotechnic hoverboards? What would be the most minimalist vehicle you might consider for getting around? Image: TheGreenGearHead

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