Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Most Insane OEM Wheels on the Wrong Car Pic You Can Find?

Some people are sufficiently competent to install one manufacturer’s propulsive device under the hoods of other manufacturer’s propulsive device-requiring machinery – i.e. drop an SBC into Smart Car. For the rest, Island of Dr. Moreau fantasies may only be satisfied with simpler melding of brands – such as the bolting on of wheels. After all, who can’t spin a lug wrench?
The Internet – which amazingly you are viewing right this very minute – is rife with instances of  potentially questionable car-wheel combinations, and some of them are pretty hilarious. For those of you recently disentombed  from a time capsule, OEM wheels are designed for specific vehicles with unique diameters, offsets, and bolt spacing/patterns. But that doesn’t mean that some enterprising soul might not find that one happens to fit another well enough that it will keep the car from dragging the pavement.
Putting one make’s wheels on a car of another is equatable to the famed farm boy enjoying congress with the livestock – just because the parts sort of fit doesn’t make it right. What I want is for you to go out and find the most wackadoodle example of the wrong OEM wheels on the right car , something akin to that sample above. Up to the challenge? What’s the craziest example you can find?
Image: [milkshakes]

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