Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Most Impressively Designed Motorcycle? (Design Week)

It’s design week, and surprisingly there are far fewer stylists who hang their hat on two-wheel artwork than those who do so on those with four. Still, there have been a number of noteworthy attempts at motorcycle beautification over the years, and that means we are more than within our rights to pick which one carries the most impressive design.

Bikes are traditionally a tight amalgamation of mechanicals, with perhaps an adeptly pinstriped tank thrown in. But, in reality it’s how all those pieces fit together – along with the addition of any wind-cheating accouterments that might be applied – that conspire to make either an artful presentation or one that at the very least makes you want to keep your fingers and toes away from it lest you lose one.

But today were are discounting the rolling bear traps and are seeking out your take on which two wheeler (this is Tuesday, after all) has most closely come to styling nirvana. It may be something as simple as the angle of a hard tail’s forks, or perhaps its the black hole evilness of one of Vincent’s mechanical minions that sets your aesthetic aflame. Whichever, what do you think is history’s most impressively designed motorcycle? 

Image: [MC.by]

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