Hooniverse Asks- What's The Most Beautiful Under-Hood Engine Display?

They say it what’s on the inside that counts. Ugly people, I mean, they’re the ones who say that. Still, there’s some verity to that homily, and it applies not only to people, but to cars as well. It is after all the engine that engenders the ‘auto‘ part of automobile. And if the engine is the beating heart of a car or truck then it obviously is going to be something a proud owner shows off like his wife’s new set of fake boobs, that’s why designers typically make the engine compartment something of an event.
Some cars do this more so than others, and in fact if you consider cars like certain Ferraris or Corvettes, the motivational force is placed under glass like it’s some sort of fetishistic display. Others hold their cards a little closer to their chest, but are not averse to showing their hand when challenged. Dressed up engine compartments can mean anything from a logical attempt to manage hoses and wires all the way up to making the engine bay a shrine to the horsepower gods, with every aspect highlighted for effect.

Sure, you may be driving some shit-box that you have to wrestle the crackheads out of every morning just so you can make it to work, under the hood of which is a mess of duct tape, dead squirrels, and your own good intentions, making for a sort of anti-performance art. But discounting that one, what car or truck do you think has the best engine presentation?

Image: [sports-cars.org]

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