Hooniverse Asks- What's the Most Awesome Automotive Hand-Me-Down?


Remember when you got the clothes that your older sibling had outgrown? Sure, they were so out of fashion that people mistook you for a foreign exchange student, but think of the money your family saved. That same fiscal parsimony is what drives penny-pinching car makers to adopt parts, and in fact entire models, that have been cast off by other companies. Many times, those adoptees amazingly go on to have an even more venerated life than when with their birth parents.

A prime example of this is the car above, which you most likely know as the Hindustan Ambassador, the ‘King of Indian Roads’ that has been built in that nation without major change since 1958. But did you know that the Ambassador was originally a British Morris Oxford III? Were you even aware that there was a Morris Oxford III? You see what I mean?

There are many such examples of cars and parts – like the Buick 215 – gaining greater notoriety in their second life than in their first. Which of those, in your opinion, represents the greatest automotive hand-me-down?

Image source: GoMotors

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